FRANK ZANDER – Nur Nach Hause (Die Hertha Hymne) – HERTHA BSC BERLIN

04 Jul

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Von der CD "Nur nach Hause – Das Update"


04 Jul

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Aus dem Album "FANOMENAL" die größten Hertha BSC Hits aller Zeiten.

Mehr Hits? Hier geht’s zum Zett Records Video Cannel:

Hertha BSC Berlin – Bayern München / Gibt es den Bayern-Bonus?

04 Jul

Tor in der Nachspielzeit, mal wieder für den FC Bayern München: Gibt es einen Bayern-Bonus?

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Russia: Winter Military World Games torch arrives in Sochi

04 Jul

The Winter Military World Games torch was delivered to Sochi for the opening ceremony, on Friday. It was delivered by Russian biathlete Olympic champion Svetlana Ishmouratova, biathlete Olympic champion Anatoli Alyabyev and Russian high jumper and Olympic champion Andrei Silnov.

SOT, Svetlana Ishmuratova, Deputy Chief of CSKA on work with the personnel and Olympic champion biathlete (Russian): "We are the ambassadors of the third Winter Military World Games and we proudly brought the torch flame here, which will be lit at the opening of the games in the Olympic city of Sochi. Naturally the most beautiful part of the games is the opening ceremony, but the most emotional element is the lighting of the flame which is happening in Sochi today."

Svetlana Ishmuratova, Deputy chief of CSKA on work with the personnel and Olympic champion biathlete (Russian): "We tried to incorporate everything that our country possesses, including unique nature and its great expanse of our country. Therefore the flames was lit in four regions, as well as the Russian Northern Fleet, and from these five points the flame was lit in the Kremlin yesterday, at the concert which was dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day and today we bought it here, so that this evening we can light the fire of the third Winter Military World Games."

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Preview: Archery at the Wroclaw 2017 World Games

04 Jul

Wroclaw 2017, the next edition of Olympic-like multisporting event named the World Games, features two archery competitions: target for compound archers and field for recurve and compound athletes.

Video presented by TRU Ball Archery/Axcel Sights:

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Athletes: Reo Wilde; Naomi Folkard; Giuseppe Seimandi; Erika Jones; Lina Bjorklund; Jean-Charles Valladont
Competition: Wroclaw 2017 (14535)
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